Weather made simple.
Since 2006.

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Weather Core app

Live weather on your screen as it happens and accurate forecasts for your location or anywhere in the world.

Are you used to weather apps that try to show too much useless data and you can't seem to get the essential?

WeatherCore made this app to be as simple to use as possible. With Weather Core you can check in an instant only what you need to find:

● How is the weather now?

● How will it be in the next hours?

● The weather forecast for today and the next days.

Full-featured weather app.

Don't let the simplicity full you, this is a complete weather app, with hourly data and forecasts for the next 15 days. When you'll need details you will find them easily.

For example, the app will translate wind speeds in easy to understand, everyday language. But you can always access the numbers. In fact, you can choose to display wind speeds in any way you are accustomed to: kilometres per hour, meters per second, knots, miles, or Beaufort scale! The core data and the full knowledge tree.

Will help you understand complex data.

I want to go on a trip, how many hours of sun will I get this Saturday?

How about hours of rain? What is the probability of raining? How much will it rain?

Will humidity or wind speed going to make me feel a different temperature? How much sky will be covered with clouds? What will the visibility be? Will there be wind gusts? From which direction will the wind blow? What will the Relative Humidity be? How about the dew point?

Six widgets to mix any way you prefer:

● Live Weather widget.

● Clock & Weather (option to use local time zone).

● Six days forecast widget.

● ...more coming soon!


Add as many locations as you need. You can swipe through them for a quick look.

The Weather Core app is using professional level weather data, the most accurate weather forecasting models available today. You will get free access to reliable, hyper-local, and hyper-accurate data.